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The Haskell Journal

is the official newsletter of the Haskell Family Association. The Journal is distributed to all members to keep them informed of all actions taken by the Board of Directors; of news of family members; articles about Haskells, Haskell locales, general genealogical and historical interest; and Reunions and other activities of the Chapter as well as other matters of importance to the membership.

The Journal is published Quarterly and normally contains 24-30 pages. Some years combined issues from two Quarters are published containing up to 52 pages.

A subscription to the Haskell Journal is included with membership in the Haskell Family Association.

All past issues of the Haskell Journal are available as pdf files that can be downloaded from the Members Only page. You will need Adobe Reader to read the pdf files. The link at the bottom of this page will take you to Adobe where you can download the free Adobe Reader. Also on the Members Only page, you can download all past issues of the International Haskell Family Society Newsletter. An Index of all items in past issues of the International Haskell Family Society Newsletter can be downloaded here.




Sample articles from past issues of the Haskell Journal:

"The Royal Descents of Rev. Joseph Wayne Haskell"
by Richard E. Haskell and Elizabeth (Haskell) Fisk
Haskell Journal, The Journal of the Haskell Family
Association, pp. 13 - 18, Vol. XX, Issue 68, Summer 2004.  (.pdf file)



"Haskell Sketches by Robert Charles Haskell," Haskell Journal, The Journal of the Haskell Family
Association, pp. 4 - 18, Vol. XXIV, Issue 78, Winter/Spring 2008.  (.pdf file)





History of the Haskell Journal:

Our HFA Genealogist, David A. Haskell, writes:
"The first issues of Volume 1 were privately published as "The Haskell Journal, a Monthly Magazine devoted to the History, Genealogy, Biography and Current News of the Haskell Family in America, and to Current and General Literature" by D. H. Haskell, R. R. Haskell, and B. C. Haskell, all of California and perhaps all of San Francisco I assume.  The "editor and manager" of the publication was the infamous and storied Burnette Gregor Haskell 1857-1907.  No formal Haskell organization was involved or developed as a result of this publication effort.  Burnette Haskell was an attorney, a wild political and labor activist, and a member of the S. F. Bar Assoc.  It was a private publication effort.  Only four issues were produced, all from San Francisco: No. 1 Jan.1898, No. 2 Feb. 1898, No. 3 Mar. 1898, and No. 4 Apr. 1898.  Publication was ceased after the fourth issue due to a lack of subscribers and money.  Apparently Win and Ola Mae were aware of those early California magazines and decided to identify the first four issues of the new publication as belonging to Volume 2 -- with a new volume number for each succeeding year".





These first four issues of the Haskell Journal are available at http://www.archive.org/details/haskelljournalmo00hask

You can download these four issues as separate pdf files on the Members Only page.


David A. Haskell also describes the revival of the Haskell Journal in 1985:

"I have at hand almost all the HFA Journals (I think I'm missing one) back to the first issue of "Volume II", which unfortunately was not dated [see Issue 5 at the right].  The second and third issues [see Issues 6 and 7 at the right] are dated Winter 1985 and Spring 1985.  The first issue is composed of a single sheet of 8.5x11 paper printed (typewritten) on both sides and addressed to "HASKELLS EVERYWHERE".  I think these issues were written by Win Haskell and Ola Mae Haskell of Alabama.  The reason these first issues are labeled Volume II is because the publications of the original HFA were classed as Volume 1. The first HFA organization was formed in 1911 in Rochester, Massachusetts, as the "Haskell Family Association"; it was disbanded in 1925".







Issue 6: Vol. II, No. 2, Winter 1985 (.pdf)

Issue 7: Vol. II, No. 3, Spring 1985 (.pdf)


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